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Another Breakthrough in Cancer Research.


   What causes cancer? By now it is probably obvious to most people, that everything causes cancer.  It seems as though everyday an article will come out with a new “breakthrough” which presents a new danger,  such as red meat and the temperature of your tea, both which have recently been debuted as cancer dangers.  While these studies tout possible risks, most scientists and cancer organizations will admit that what truly causes cancer is still a mystery.  So to try and single out the dangers, we poll and tally the people who have been plagued by cancer; and dissect their lifestyles to try to learn how they got infected.

   In this day and age though: where everything from the sun, bluetooth headsets, and the power lines we walk under cause cancer; the average person is enveloped with dangers every minute of the day.  So in a daily routine where most of these dangers have become commonplace activities, how do they decide what to point their fingers at as the culprit? How does hot tea, or in essence hot water, get blamed?

   There are so many variables within a given study and the individuals involved, that I find it difficult to believe that they could ever have a pristine study.  When a study finds a link between cancer victims such as red meat, why is there not more stated about the rest of their lifestyle? It is likely that there are other ties in the victim relations, other than the meat.  The consumer is not the only variable as well, considering that the location of the farm and butchering processes should also be discussed.  Not all places are the same, and not all people are the same.  Each environment will have their own risks and factors, and each individual will have genetic variations and a different history.

   With a headline geared mentality though, all the public receives from most news sources is a pre-emptive declaration of risk.  The news knows that the individual (their consumer) cares most about their own mortality and trying to extend personal lifespan, so they are willing to present personal health risks as quickly as they can.  As the consumer, we should listen to the news with a grain of salt, and research the studies we think may affect us personally.  

   I know that in the name of science any possible cause must be presented, and that overarching risks found throughout victims have to be evaluated.  So if they can point out hot water as a silent killer, than I am going to go out on a limb and ask what about psychological cancer development.   What if just the continual presence of cancer risks and their dangers being in the forefront of our mental landscape can infect us?

   As the mind is capable of breaking down a person’s health through the mental distress of  a broken heart, and of making a perfectly healthy person sick by acquiring the  symptoms of a disease to which they have been mis-diagnosed; is there not the slight possibility that it can develop cancer as well?  I’m thinking that if we are willing to search out all potential variables of cancer risk, than this hypothesis is not as crazy as it may sound.   

   Can it be that this article right now is giving you cancer? As I am giving you time to think of the dangers of cancer, subliminal anchors may be cementing themselves in your psyche to believe that cancer is a highly probable reality for your future.  The more we think about it, the more we accept it as our own.

   I know that with this far fetched theory I may be losing you, but if it is even slightly possible as a variable than it should be researched.  If it were to be found slightly logical, than the onslaught of cancer risk articles that we are often pre-maturely presented may be the number one risk to our health.  In a way, that may even be a good thing.  If it were proven to be a risk, than at least more restraint would be put into the publication and distribution of these risks into the public’s general conscience.  I don’t want to hear the risks as immediately as they are thought of, I want to hear them when they are proven without a doubt.  Give me fact, not fanfare.


One Response to “Another Breakthrough in Cancer Research.”

  1. Found your artcle very interesting.
    Causes one to ponder

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